Saturday, August 13, 2016

Being a model I am always looking for photographers that I want to work with. 
So by the end of 2016 I want to work with this list of wonderful photographers.
its no exception. 
I want to up the bar in my portfolio by working with 
photographers that will enhance my modeling career and bring me closer to success.
so this is my list of photographers 
that i want to work with in 2016. 

1. Jared Alexander

"Originally from Lakewood, CA, Jared became fascinated with the enchantment of film at a very young age. Inspired by the groundbreaking ingenuity of the filmmakers who’ve come before him, Jared saw film as an opportunity to showcase the limitless capabilities of the mind to convey his emotions and imagination into an art form. "

Jared's work is not only amazing, but truly art. as long as he keeps up the amazing work 
that he does, he will not just be an amazing photographer. 
I feel like he will be like a Leonardo DA Vinci of photography.
The elegance of his work is breathtaking.
(Side note hes also a director.)

Website jaredalexander.com

Model Seven Guzel

2.  Lance Gross 
"Lance Darnell Gross is an American actor and photographer, best known for his role as Calvin Payne on the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry's House of Payne,[1] as well as appearing in other Tyler Perry productions such as the Meet The Browns (2008) film and Tyler Perry's Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor."

3. Roblo 305

I found this photographer and instantly fall in love with there work so yes they have made #2 on my list of photographers to work with.

I worked with Corsei Photography last year and she had grown so much as a photographer
that you know this year I have to come back and 
work with her again.

I have been following this photographers work for months and I have 
to say I must work with them or ill die!

6.  Ohrangutang 

I really like this photographers work and would love to shoot with them some time. 

7. Brendan Forbes 

I have worked with Brendan Forbes last year and like oh my god that was truly a blessing in disgiuse so with that said this has to happen again! 

8. K Rish Photography 

The dopest and down to earth photographer I have met and a dream come true a must work with again photography. 

9. Edgar Mattey

I worked with edgar a few times and every time I shoot with the work always comes out better than the last so yes I must work with him again!

10.  J Smith Revealed

Being that I have never been to ATL before it would be super fun if I can get the chance to work with this photographer.

11.  T H Taylor

I have def been following this photographers work for quite sometime. So I really have to work with them. 

12.Karl Yamashita
Professional Freelance photo and videographer. I'm published internationally in FHM, American Curves, ModelsMania and a few small magazines.

13.  Jason Forbes
In relation to Brendan Forbes this is a photographer that i follow because of a make up artists that I work with.

14.  Shamayiam foto 
I have to say this photographer I have been dying to work with but never actually get the chance to do so. 

15.  Kaneo Biggs 

I really have followed this photographer since they first started and now they have there own magazine.

well that's it for this list I do hope that I get to the chance to work as many of these photographers as possible. 

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